We’ve all seen it. There are so many videos on the internet highlighting the love-hate relationships between man’s best friend and the object of your crazy grandmother’s affections (we’re talking cats and dogs). After an age old debate about whether or not dogs and cats can get along, the two best buds in this video prove that despite minor differences in personality, these two species can peacefully coexist.

Man’s – err – cat’s best friend, Sam, proves his affections by snuggling up his furry friend, Aaron, and licking his fur clean. Though Aaron doesn’t always look too pleased about the situation (his facial expressions had us in stitches), he patiently lets Sam do his thing … no cat claws necessary.


Though these two pet favorites may not always get along 100 percent of the time in our households, they have the capability of forming loving bonds that break any stereotype. Take the relationship between this paralyzed cat and an abandoned dog, for example. Or maybe check out this cat who takes care of this sick puppy! No matter what cartoon ideals we assume about our pets – they’ve always got each others backs.