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When it comes to celebrities, public perception is usually based on what the media chooses to focus on and Howard Stern is no exception. Just hearing his name usually conjures up thoughts of the self proclaimed King of All Media talking non stop about lady bits or descending from the rafters at the MTV Music Awards as his alter ego “Fart Man,” accompanied by a gaseous brass ensemble of sound effects!


Given his bad boy persona, it’s understandably surprising when people learn that he and his wife, Beth are hopelessly awesome animal lovers (in the best possible way!). Beth Stern’s passion for rescuing cats in need borders on obsession; she’s written a book on how to properly care for pets and even posed for a 2014 calendar to benefit the North Shore Animal League of America.


 It all started with the loss of their furry friend.

Howard and Beth lost their beloved bulldog Bianca in 2012. Their grief at her passing inspired them to start work on a 14,000 square foot addition for the North Shore Animal League of America’s adoption headquarters called Bianca’s Furry Friends.  “She was the love of our lives,” Howard Stern said. “She completed us as a couple. I don’t have children of my own, so she was my everything — my light, my love, everything that a dog encompasses in a household.” The Sterns now have five adopted cats — Walter, Apple, Leon Bear, Charlie Boy and Bella, who is blind.



Beth spends her evenings rescuing cats.

Beth is a member of North Shore Animal League’s Mobile Adoption Team, and also works as their spokeswoman. This means she sometimes gets called to head out in the middle of the night to bring potentially adoptable cats back to the their adoption center.


Their home could be mistaken for a Broadway revival of Cats.

As of this year, Beth and Howard have fostered over 50 cats and have no plan to stop anytime soon.  Did I just see Rumtumtugger run by?


They have a closet full of carriers because they love to take their cats on road trips! 


Beth’s social media accounts might as well be called Insta-cat or Twit-purr!

With  a near constant flow of daily kitty pics filling 99% of her Instagram and Twitter accounts, it’s seriously a challenge to even find photos of her and Howard on her social pages. Not all of her followers are pleased by the constant cat pics (Maybe they’re allergic to adorableness?). Beth has the last laugh, posting the occasional cat free pic with the hashtag #forkittenposthaters.


Howard gets slack for constantly using his celebrity to ask for donations for rescue cats. But when did Howard Stern start caring about critics?!

At Beth and Howard’s Home…. it’s always raining cats!

They love other animals too, but cats seem to come out just a little bit ahead. These cat-a-holics can be found reeking of cats from head to toe!


Foster Mom & Dad, you’re the best!

Aside from their 5 permanent feline residents, they (well, mostly Beth) are constantly feeding, cleaning, caring for  numerous foster cats.


Beth’s a crazy cat lady and proud of it!

When she posted the photo below, Beth’s update said, “It’s official. I’m a crazy cat lady. Buying cat themed clothes. #proud.” You go Beth Stern!

At the End of the Day, Good Karma = Good Sleep.

So, Why do they really do it?

This Instagram update really sums it up, where Beth says, “I wish everyone looked at me like kittens do….”

And…how do their cats feel about these hopeless feline romantics? They think they’re PURRRRRRRRFECT!


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