Alongside horses and cats, dogs are without a doubt humans’ closest companions. Their undying loyalty, compassion and care for others, as well as their often happy-go-lucky zest for life have made them our most trusted best friends and allies. Not to mention, there are many dogs who aid humans as service animals for the disabled, therapy assistants in hospitals, as well as those who risk their lives in the military and police force. However, despite all their dedication to humans, there are still those who view dogs as a meat source, particularly in Asia.

Humane Society International (HSI) has long been on the forefront fighting against the dog meat trade, and they have accomplished many awe-inspiring rescues of dogs and cats from these dismal “farms” all throughout Asia.

HSI has set up a petition on Care2 addressed to the South Korean government and President Moon Jae-In, asking for the end to their country’s dog meat trade. According to HSI, 2.5 million dogs are killed on thousands of South Korean dog meat farms each and every year. Dogs are left without adequate shelter, leaving them exposed to the elements even in the depths of icy winters, their health and well-being go neglected, and cages are so cramped that aggression and disease run rampant. For humans who work in the trade or consume dog meat, there is the risk of contracting illness from medications administered to the dogs or terrifying deadly diseases like rabies

Ending the dog meat trade would save both animal and human lives. Please take a moment to sign the petition urging South Korea to shut down dog meat farms and officially recognize dogs and cats as companion animals with protection from the law. With the Winter Olympics set to begin in South Korea in early 2018, there is no better time for the country to make this decision and stand as an honorable example for the rest of the world.

To learn more about the dog meat trade and HSI’s work to stop it, visit here.

There are still those who are unaware of these dog meat farms, so please make sure to share this with your network to increase support for our world’s dogs and ultimately put an end to this cruel trade.

Image Source: Pixabay