The Animal Rescue Team from Humane Society International (HSI) has begun its preparation to remove more than 170 dogs from a place that seemed inescapable – a dog meat farm. Now, thanks to the efforts of the rescuers, the dogs are in good hands and will soon have the chance to begin their new lives – but these poor pups, and many others like them, still need help.

The dogs had to live in outrageous conditions, surrounded by dirt and squalor at the meat farm.


They received no care whatsoever and spent their entire lives in their small cages.

Many suffered medical issues and very obviously needed treatment, which they never received.

But when HSI stepped in, everything was clearly about to change.

Maybe they did not know that yet, or maybe they could already feel it, but an escape from their enclosure and future was now to come.

The puppies finally felt kind human touch for the very first time in their lives.

Every year, millions of dogs are caught up in Asia’s dog meat trade, HSI reports. This reality has to change.




HSI is working to identify and shut down as many dog meat farms in South Korea as possible. The organization assists the farm’s owners to transition to humane livelihoods, support their local Chinese partners in intercepting dog meat traders’ trucks, funds the care of rescued animals, as well as lobby politicians to provide full protection to dogs under the law, raise public awareness, and educate.

You can help HSI in the fight against dog meat farms by making a donation via the organization’s website.

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All image source: Humane Society International/Facebook