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Victory for animals! We are thrilled to report that the dog meat trade in Bali has been banned, following an eye-opening undercover investigation by animal welfare group Animals Australia. Just this week, Balinese governor Pastika issued a decree to ban the sale of dog meat in Bali, effective immediately, that pushes for education regarding the dog meat trade, marking a huge milestone in the fight to stop this barbaric industry.

As you may remember, in June of 2017, just a month ago, Animals Australia launched an investigation that exposed the dog meat trade in Bali. Over four months, an undercover investigator for Animals Australia documented the dog trade in Bali. Unbelievably, the dog meat was being sold to unsuspecting tourists by mobile dog meat vendors who blatantly lied and said the meat was chicken.

Thanks to international pressure, a ban was imminent. Over 170,000 people from 159 countries signed Animals Australia’s petition to save Bali’s dogs, with thousands of outraged emails and comments.


Meanwhile, Animals International’s Veterinary Director worked tirelessly on the ground in Bali with officials from the Bali government and the tourism industry. “This is a momentous decision by Governor Pastika that will not only spare many thousands of dogs from terrible suffering but will help to restore the positive relationship the Balinese people have enjoyed with their unique heritage dogs for centuries,” said Animals Australia’s Chief Investigator, Lyn White.

Knowing the horror behind the dog meat trade, we are thrilled Bali is taking this step on behalf of animals. According to the non-profit animal welfare organization, innocent dogs were snatched from the streets and dumped in bamboo crates or plastic rice sacks. There, they awaited the nightly slaughter with their legs tied and mouths taped shut. The dog could suffer like this for hours or even days without food or water, others were killed by strangulation, bludgeoning, and even cyanide poisoning.

Such crowding and filth enable disease to quickly spread among the dogs, with many contracting canine distemper, parvovirus, and almost certainly, rabies. This also poses a significant human health risk through the potential transmission of animal-borne diseases, such as rabies and cholera – and, of course, even more dangers to those who later choose to consume the meat.

While the news of Bali banning the sale of dog meat is certainly great, the fight is not over. Please share this post to help further expose the horror of the dog meat industry. And please consider making a donation to Animals Australia so that they can continue exposing animal cruelty.

Image source: Animals Australia