It should come as no surprise that we are ever-so-slightly in love with Leonardo DiCaprio … and with good reason. He has donated massive sums of money to elephant and marine animal conservation, provided another enormous grant to help save endangered tigers, raised a combined total of at least $40 million for environmental protection organizations, slammed world governments over their inaction on climate change, spoken out about the urgent need to implement a meaningful tax on heavily polluting industries, AND served as an executive producer for the groundbreaking documentary “Cowspiracy” on Netflix.

How he finds time to eat, breathe, and sleep is a mystery to us … but hey, if he has found a way to incorporate so much awesome, planet-saving work into his schedule, we’re not complaining! And now, the actor has pulled off his magic yet again. He addressed a major gathering of world leaders at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris (COP21) … and he had a sombre message to impart.

“Our world leaders are here in Paris in an effort to finalize a global agreement 20 years in the making, to finally address the very real threat that climate change poses to our planet,” he said. “These leaders have met before. They met in Kyoto, they met in Copenhagen, and in cities on every continent, but each and every time, they have come up short. This time must be different because we are fundamentally running out of time. Climate change is the most fundamental and existential threat to our species. The consequences are unthinkable and worse, it has the potential to make our planet unlivable.”

While this message is one that many have echoed before, it is far past time for our own passivity. We all have the responsibility to take action to … well, literally save the world as we know it.

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