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Ninety-seven percent of scientists agree that climate change is happening, and it is driven by human causes. There is very little debate over the fact that something must be done to stave off the potentially devastating effects of global climate change, but the question of “what” hangs ever-heavy over the people with power to make a change.

One of the largest fallacies associated with climate change is that it is an issue that is too large to tackle in our generation. While this may be true, that by no means asserts that action is futile. We know that pulling ancient carbon from the ground and releasing it into the atmosphere for energy is a dangerous game; but, when demands for electricity and power are high, and profits are even higher, how can we realistically cut our consumption of fossil fuels?

As this video (narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio) asserts, one solution – that has worked in the past – is to put a price on carbon. We are currently using the atmosphere as an open sewer to dump all our toxic energy outputs, and it is time that those responsible for this Pollution are held accountable.

“Carbon” is the first film in Green World Rising, a four-part series narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio that focuses on Climate change challenges and solutions.

Watch this incredible video, and learn how placing a carbon tax on Pollution is not only the best thing to do in the mind of environmentalists, but conservatives as well. Share this video and spread the word that we need to keep carbon in the ground!