This lawyer quit her $75,000 a year job to become a pet psychic, and now she is earning even more speaking to animals.

Source: ABC News/Youtube

Nikki Vasconez from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, began to research how to speak to animals back in September 2020 when she was working as a full-time property lawyer.

“I started out practicing on family and friends’ pets and some strangers’ animals for free,” the 33-year-old told South West News Service. “But as soon as I created social media accounts, I began to gain a steady following, and it wasn’t long before requests started pouring in.”

Vasconez was miserable in her job as a lawyer.

“I was working huge hours and was just unhappy but was too scared to change,” she said. “Until this came along.”

Vasconez quickly gathered a following on TikTok and gained 175,000 followers in months. By January 2022, she had to stop taking bookings because she was so inundated.

“The business just took off. I couldn’t believe it — I had to set up a waitlist which had a total of 4,000 people on it requesting me to speak with their animals,” she said.

Vasconez now runs Nikki Vasconez Animal Communication and charges $350 for a one-hour session, and only does two readings per day to make sure that the readings are the best quality.

“I understand it can be confusing as we are raised to believe that interspecies communication isn’t the norm. The criticism initially bothered me but I no longer care. I couldn’t be happier now doing what I love most,” Nikki said.

In a reading, she will sit in a quiet room in her home where she studies a photo of the animal. She telepathically asks the animals questions and records the animals’ responses so that owners can listen. Although she is informed of the name of the pet, gender, and name of the phone in the home, she prefers not to know any other details to help stop her “human brain” from interfering with the messages.

“When I’m communicating with the animals, sometimes I see images flash across my eyes or I’ll hear particular phrases. I don’t hear their accents or tone of voice, but I can always sense their personality,” she said.

The animal psychic recalled a time when she spoke to a cat that was experiencing tooth pain. The owner asked for help because they could not figure out what was wrong with him. The vet ruled out tooth issues because the X-rays did not show any signs of a problem. However, when talking to the animal, she kept feeling a pain in her mouth, and she believed he was telling her he had pain in his lower jaw.

“It turned out the X-ray revealed he had an abscess and needed a tooth pulled out!” she said.

Once, she heard a dog repeating, “You’re the best thing in the world.” When she told the owner, they laughed and said, “that’s what I tell him every morning!'”

Half of her requests are for animals who have passed away, and she says that the deceased animals are never upset, angry, or hold a grudge.

“In my experience, they’ve only ever been happy and free and talk about how parts of their body have been restored and ailments that have gone away,” she said.


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Although she focuses mostly on cats and dogs, she has spoken to animals, including geckos, bearded dragons, horses, cows, pigs, birds, and donkeys. To follow her animal psychic journey, follow her on Instagram and TikTok

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