As the COVID-19 cases in Shanghai rise, horrifying videos have gone viral of China’s pandemic prevention workers torturing and killing residents’ pets.


Shanghai is China’s largest city with 26 million residents, and they have been in a strict lockdown since early April. There have been many protests, and people are angry as they are stuck in lockdown and their animals are being taken away.

Pandemic workers are taking animals away that they believe could have COVID-19, enraging Shanghai citizens. They are removing any pets who are showing symptoms because they believe that the pet could then give it to their owner.

Shocking videos from Shanghai went viral of family pets stuffed in mesh bags in the street. The poor animals were taken away from their families and stuffed in these bags to then be beaten with sticks by the police. They believe they are stopping the spread of COVID-19 by killing and torturing family pets.

An elderly man decided to take his dog out for a walk only to be confronted by ‘COVID-19 stormtroopers’ who took his poor scared dog away in a net. The man will likely never see his dog again.

The internet has been taken aback by all of the videos coming out showing the situation in Shanghai. Videos of police brutally torturing and killing innocent pets in nets and drones flying over the city telling residents to “control your soul’s desire for freedom.”

Twitter videos uploaded by Germs of Woke CCP have nearly one million views and the videos keep coming.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “The risk of animals spreading COVID-19 to people is low.” There is no reason that the government should be killing all of these family pets. We stand with the residents of Shanghai who have had their animals ruthlessly taken away and beg officials to examine the facts and try to ‘control the spread of COVID-19’ through humane and better ways.

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