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Learning to communicate with nonhuman animals can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Sadly, many people don’t seem to spend much time, attention, or effort on this practice. It’s more often than not a one-way street, where humans are doing and saying things to animals, and paying just enough attention to them to see if they’re obeying or reacting in the way the human wants.

Luckily, there’s a growing community of humans who seek to build relationships with animals and understand and respect their experiences. Here are some useful books from some of the foremost experts in the field to help you do just that.

1. Animal Communication Made Easy

Animal Communication Made Easy book

Source: Animal Communication Made Easy/Amazon

Pea Horsley, a world-renowned animal communicator, shares the fundamental framework that’s necessary for intuitive communication with animals. Horsley leads readers through exercises that help them clear their minds, relax, feel grounded, and open their hearts to the work. She also includes affirmations and meditations to help people connect more fully with their animal friends. Animal Communication Made Easy costs $17.28 for a paperback copy on Amazon.

Roland King says, “I love the subject of animal communication and have many of the books that have been written. Pea Horsley is an excellent writer and the book is an easy, enjoyable read. She teaches you how to actually approach the subject, prepare for it and do it. I highly recommend her book.”

2. Animal Talk

Animal Talk book

Source: Animal Talk/Amazon

Penelope Smith is one of the pioneers in the field of animal communication and has written a series of books on the subject. Smith introduces readers to the idea that all creatures can be contacted through telepathic communication. She also explains why animals behave in certain ways, how to handle discord between animals, animal nutrition, and animal-child relationships. Animal Talk costs $13.49 for a paperback copy on Amazon.

Silvia says, “Since this book was first published there have been a number of other books written and published on the subject, as well as many workshops and classes for learning animal communication. I was able to teach myself using this book and think that it is the most accessible, clearest guide to this skill that anyone can learn.”

3. Animal Communication Boot Camp

Animal Communication Boot Camp book

Source: Animal Communication Boot Camp/Amazon

Debbie McGillivray is a seasoned animal communicator who has traveled all over the country sharing her teachings. The guide she has created here is straightforward and includes engaging exercises for the readers. Animal Communication Boot Camp costs $12.99 for a paperback copy on Amazon.

S Lindsey Zimmerman says, “Have read this book through several times already. Very easy to understand & straightforward. I expect it will change my life and many others’ too.”

4. Learning Their Language

Learning Their Language book

Source: Learning Their Language/Amazon

Marta Williams has been working with clients for many years to help resolve behavior issues in animals and help them live in harmony with others. She has worked with dying animals, helped find lost animals, and she has worked with a variety of different animals. Williams empowers readers with techniques and exercises to help build this skill of communication. Learning Their Language costs $16.95 for a paperback copy on Amazon.

One Amazon reviewer says, “I can’t get enough of Marta Williams’ books on animal communication. They are so interesting, well-written, and down-to-earth. She shares her knowledge in ways that are clear and easy to understand, compared to other books I’ve read on the subject.”

5. Hear All Creatures!

Hear All Creatures! book

Source: Hear All Creatures!/Amazon

Karen A. Anderson gives readers insights into how animals feel about us and their lives and how much they comprehend, and even shares her thoughts on the afterlife. She also shares her emotional experiences dealing with the loss of animal companions and how they are truly spiritual beings. Hear All Creatures! costs $14.95 for a paperback copy on Amazon.

Susan Albertson says, “The minute I picked this book up I couldn’t put it down! Each and every story had a message of hope and inspiration. I had no idea the pets we love and hold dear to our hearts not only have the ability to know and understand our feelings and emotions, but enter our lives for a reason. I feel I have been given a great gift in reading this book!”

6. The Language Of Animals

The Language of Animals book

Source: The Language of Animals/Amazon

Carol Gurney shares her renowned 7-Step HeartTalk ProgramSM that helps humans connect with nonhuman animals in a “heart-to-heart” way. She offers information on how to understand animals better, how to find lost animals, how to learn from our animal friends, and even how to communicate telepathically. The Language of Animals costs $16.00 for a paperback copy on Amazon.

One Amazon reviewer says, “I really appreciate the author and this book. It’s not a long book and it’s easy to read. I was able to implement steps right away to help me connect with my dog.”

7. Pawstalking

Pawstalking book

Source: Pawstalking/Amazon

Lisa Larson, who is an animal communicator, has created a straightforward, step-by-step course for communicating with animals. Lisa offers valuable techniques and stresses the importance of developing this skill and the responsibility of using it. She challenges people to question their beliefs regarding their relationships with animals. Pawstalking costs $14.99 for a paperback copy on Amazon.

Alice Heidinger says, “Lisa’s book is easy to understand, instructive and is an insightful how-to about animal communication. Others talk around it or provide a lot of conceptual information leaving you to wonder what to do. Her writing style speaks to me. and it will for you too.”

8. The Language of Miracles

The Language of Miracles book

Source: The Language of Miracles/Amazon

Animals psychic Amelia Kinkade shares with readers her unique training methods for animal communication. She explores subtle cues that help build a proper understanding of how to navigate this arena, arms readers with exercises, and offers encouragement along the way. Kinkade helps cement the learning with instructional stories scattered throughout the book. The Language of Miracles costs $15.19 for a paperback copy on Amazon.

One Amazon reviewer says, “If you’re into animal communication, I highly recommend this book. The author uses real-life stories and testimonials behind each scientific scenario. Very easy read. I will be buying more from this author!”

9. Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

Straight from the Horse's Mouth book

Source: Straight from the Horse’s Mouth/Amazon

Animal communicator Amelia Kinkade has written a practical guide on how to communicate with our animal brethren. She shares what she has taught hundreds of clients, including guided meditations, intuition exercises, making plans with animals, and sharing memories. She also weaves her interesting experiences with her clients throughout the book. Straight from the Horse’s Mouth costs $13.24 for a paperback copy on Amazon.

Florence Dion says, “This is a wonderful book, very enlightening. Finally someone who treats the other species with the love and respect they deserve and also teaches us to do the same with a lot of very appropriate humility. I tried all the well-explained exercises she suggests to practice in order to successfully communicate with the other species and I begin to see very astonishing results… there is hope!!!”

10. Talking To Animals

Talking To Animals book

Source: Talking to Animals

Bestselling author Jon Katz left New York City to live on a farm surrounded by farm animals. Throughout the book, he gives stories of specific animals on the farm, including a donkey who becomes his Tai Chi partner and a hero rooster who saved his flock from a hawk. He also shares techniques to help you communicate better with animals. Talking To Animals costs $15.95 for a paperback copy on Amazon.

Elizabeth A. Schramm says, “This book gives anyone who loves animals and endeavors to train or just to live with an animal, something to think about and use as a tool. It is enjoyable reading.”

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