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In the United States, 99.9 percent of chickens are raised in factory farms. We know that life for a chicken in a factory farm–whether raised for meat or eggs–is nothing less than deplorable. As shown in this video, battery hens are crammed into a tiny wire cage, no bigger than a sheet of standard paper, with at least five other terrified chickens. In this manner, battery hens live out a life of extreme stress and pain, all while being expected to churn out hundreds of eggs in their life time. Sounds like a living hell, doesn’t it?

Well, in the factory farm industry, there are some “lucky” ones, the hens who, quite literally, fall through the cracks of the system. Underneath the rows and rows of wire cages, there is a deep lagoon used to catch excrement where the lucky hens who have escaped their cages reside. While living amongst piles or excrement does not sounds like anything a sane person would wish upon another, for these hens…it it paradise.

Share this incredible video from Animals Australia and spread the word about the terrible reality for battery hens.