The old Hollywood rule that says “never work with animals or children” definitely does not apply to this celebrity duo! Do you remember reading about Hilary Swank’s Dog-a-Thon that would be taking place this Thanksgiving? Well the wait is over! Soon, our television screens will be full of rescue stories, music, viral videos, and even a few dog-loving celebrities.

This FOX special intends to celebrate the lives of all dogs (especially rescues) and will give viewers information throughout the special about pooches that can be adopted or fostered.

When people search for a potential four-legged addition to the family, we often begin our search at commercial pet stores – places that support puppy mills. With six to eight million dogs waiting to be adopted in shelters each year, the best option for potential pet parents is always to adopt … NOT shop.

If your an absolute dog fanatic, start a new Thanksgiving tradition this year and tune in to FOX on Thanksgiving evening for a tail-wagging good time!