Although the dog meat trade has been deemed illegal in Thailand, the industry still grosses around $25 million a year. Every day dogs are rounded up, many of whom are family pets, and exported to countries like China and Vietnam to be sold for their meat. The abuse these dogs experience is unfathomable, yet the majority of Thai citizens are unaware this trade persists. Most Thai people do not consume dog meat and the vast majority find the practice abhorrent.

However, if the Thai government does not enforce measures to end the illegal trade, it will continue. To help raise awareness for the plight of dogs suffering in this cruel industry, Ricky Gervais, Dame Judy Dench, and the stars of Downton Abbey have created a powerful PSA. This video is released in collaboration with Soi Dog Foundation, a rescue organization in Thailand that helps save dogs from the meat industry. This message comes at a crucial time when the Thai National Legislative Assembly is considering Thailand’s first animal welfare bill.

You can join these incredible animal-loving celebrities in helping to end this trade by signing this petition and sharing the video to raise awareness. To learn more about Soi Dog Foundation, click here.