Ricky Gervais doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to speaking his mind. Being one of the most successful and recognized comedians in the world, he’s always using his substantial wit to make a point. However, it isn’t just about getting a chuckle for him. “Comedy is also about experience,” he said of his brand of humor. “It isn’t just about making people laugh, it’s about making people think.”

One thing that he loves to make people think about is animals and how they’re treated. Ricky is a HUGE animal lover, filling his Twitter feed with animal pictures and calls to action to end suffering across the board. This hilarious Green Monster is no stranger to fighting for animal rights, coming out very vocally against cosmetics testing, hunting, bullfighting and, most recently, wildlife poaching.

Of course, you can’t expect someone with the biting humor of Ricky Gervais to stand up for animals without leaving a slew of incredible quotes in his wake. He lets the world know exactly where he stands on animals and how they should be treated while making us laugh in the process…and most definitely think.


1. Ricky is a Huge Advocate for Shelter Animals, Often Urging People to Support Their Local Shelter and Take Home a new Forever Friend.


2. When Ricky Speaks up, he Speaks up.


3. I Think we can all Agree That a Little Common Sense Would go a Long way for Everyone.


4. Ending the Life of an Animal for fun Isn’t a Sport.


5. I Have a Feeling That the Entire Idea of Trophy Hunting Would Rapidly Lose its Appeal.


6. We Think the Happy Tail Wagging and Warm, wet Noses are Pretty Awesome too.


7. Poaching Makes no Sense to Ricky or to us!


8. Sounds Like a Scene From Sharknado.


9. A Life is a Life. We all Have Value.

10. He Loves Every Animal Just the way They are.


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Lead image: nerdrepository.com