Seeing the face of an adorable little puppy in a pet store can be incredibly tempting. Their little wagging tails and fuzzy faces just scream “take me home with you!” While every dog deserves to live in a wonderful, loving home, before you run in an purchase that pup, you might want to consider the conditions where he came. Many dogs, like the ones you see in a pet shop come from puppy mills, large-scale breeding facilities where dogs are treated like machines, expecting to produce hundreds of puppies in horrific conditions.

While the puppies do get to escape this life, the money from their sale goes back to fund puppy mills, leading to an endless cycle of abuse. This cycle recently ended for nearly 100 dogs living on a puppy mill in Tennessee thanks to the hard work of Animal Rescue Corps (ARC).

When rescuers arrived at the facility, they found adult dogs and newborn litters soaked in their own waste, crowded in incredibly small cages.

The dogs had all been exposed to extremely high levels of ammonia from the build up of urine and feces. Many of them were suffering from respiratory conditions, eye infections, dental issues, and had extremely matted fur.

Thankfully, ARC’s team was there to take these dogs away from this horrid existence. 

“A lot of suffering ended here today and I commend the Gibson County Sheriff’s Office for acting quickly and working with Animal Rescue Corps to save these lives,” said ARC’s President, Scotlund Haisley.

The raid was named “Operation Home for the Holidays.” Around 100 dogs are now safely being cared for at ARC’s emergency shelter.

Haisley told The Huffington Post, “The large majority of the dogs have never been handled. They certainly don’t know what compassion is.”

These dogs will soon learn what it is like to be loved by a human rather than being abused and exploited.

The breeder responsible for this despicable facility has been arrested. “Gibson County takes allegations of animal cruelty very seriously,” said Gibson County Sheriff Paul Thomas.

The breeder has surrendered ownership of the dogs to ARC. The dogs will soon be placed in the care of shelter organizations who will arrange for their adoption into a forever home. The worst is behind you now pups, enjoy your freedom!


To keep up to date on the dogs, follow ARC’s Facebook page, here.

All image source: Animal Rescue Corps/Facebook