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Ah, milk. It’s the beverage that we all grew up believing was the magic liquid that would make us grow up big and strong, no meal was complete without a tall glass of milk.

While this might have been the case a decade ago, the story is a little different now. More people are choosing to forego milk and reach for other options like almond or coconut milk. Not only do people want non-dairy options, but more and more we’ve learned that some of the selling points of milk that have been so ingrained in our minds, simply aren’t true.

This, however, hasn’t stopped the dairy industry from trying as hard as they can to win back the favor of the public. To do this, the dairy industry has come out with a number of … well … interesting campaigns to try to win back their once captive audience. Some of their recent attempts include launching their “Get Real” that sought to share the “truth” about milk on social media with #MilkTruth creating a protein-packed milk beverage and marketing it using posters of 1950s style pin-up girls. More recently, the partnered with The Onion to create a satirical column called “Dairy Good: The Udder Truth” where they poke fun at all those trifling facts that prove milk might not to be the best option.

In their latest iteration of what we imagine could be compared to the final, desperate seconds in the rambling “speech” Kanye gave at the VMA’s, advertising firm Goodby Silverstein & Partners’ has created a new advertising campaign for the California Milk Processor Board called “Food Loves Milk.” Pairing together things that milk’s ad execs think “millennials” like, with a tall glass of milk, the new campaign seeks to expand the appeal of milk to foods other than your typical chocolate chip cookie.

Because when millennials go out to brunch, they’re thinking unlimited Mimosas, Bloody Mary’s … and milk.

Nothing says “yum,” like dunking “avo” toast in milk…

Right about now we started to wonder if “Sweet” always speaks in the third person…

What are these experiments? Anyone else think this sounds gross? And want to know why in the world milk needs to be there?

Eating hot sauce? Grab some milk! Just took a bite of a ghost pepper? Chugging a gallon on this white stuff will make ya feel better!


Seeing these compelling pairings, we couldn’t help but to feel inspired to think a few more things that milk also goes really well with …

Anyone up for a nice, refreshing glass of intestinal discomfort?

We get it, hormones are tricky things … why not grab a glass of milk to shake up those nerves.

Milk makes you get bigger, right? Well, if you consider joint inflammation the same as building muscle … sure!

Mmmm … got milk?

With all the added mucus and inflammation that dairy can cause in the body … milk sure loves skin issues!



It might not be hip or cool or trendy – but it’s the real #MilkTruth. The fact is, with so many non-dairy alternatives for everything from milk to cheese, there’s really no reason to put up with all these other – much less glamorous – things that pair well with milk.

Lead image source: Adweek