My goodness, if you were excited to hear that Dunkin Donuts will not offer almond milk, get ready to be even more thrilled! Starbuck has announced that they will start testing coconut milk in select markets. Starbucks has offered soy milk for a while now, but for people who are soy-free and dairy-free, coconut milk serves as a wonderful alternative to drinking coffee black (yuck!).

The chain decided on coconut milk, rather than almond milk in response to concern for consumers with nut allergies. Dairy-free alternatives are becoming quite the rage throughout coffee shops. A report from the company Mintel found that between 2011 and 2013, sales in non-dairy milk products have increased by 33 percent. That’s certainly something to celebrate!

While the number of stores that will offer coconut milk has not been released yet, it has been established that stores in Oregon, Los Angeles and Cleveland will begin to test this new dairy alternative. If you happen to be one of the lucky residents of these areas, we are thoroughly jealous. A coconut milk latte sounds absolutely amazing!

Whether you have chosen to ditch dairy for dietary reasons, or simply by preference, this amazing win shows that the competition for traditional dairy products is starting to take hold. As the market for alternatives grows, the demand for dairy will slowly begin to drop. Not only does this mean wonderful new options for people who are dairy-free, but also comes as amazing news for animals suffering at the hands of the dairy industry. The environmental benefits of cutting dairy consumption are also pretty phenomenal as well (just look at how much water this industry consumes!).

So, it’s official: Non-Dairy Milk FTW!

Image source: DarkFritz/Wikimedia Commons