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Flash is a senior Basset Hound with a loving family, a safe home, and two Basset siblings – all of which he can now lose. The reason? The decision to start enforcing an ordinance allowing only two dogs per household in Wadena, Minnesota.

“I have three dogs. The chief of police decided to start with my family because we have three dogs. Three amazing Bassets,” writes Amber, the animals’ caretaker, who has started a Care2 petition to gain Support in the case. The case itself seems positively bizarre for dog lovers, especially those who share their homes with a few four-pawed friends.

According to the petition, the mayor and the city council members of Wadena point out that the ordinance was only to be enforced if the presence of more than two dogs in a household causes complaints. The Bassets’ family did not have any recent complaints – only one about barking from a year ago, after which they put up a privacy fence, as suggested by an officer.

However, now the family is being told they need to re-home one of their dogs. What is more, this process of expecting certain households to adhere to the rule seems to be carried out haphazardly, not treating all dog guardians equally. “The mayor has a list of over thirty houses with ‘too many dogs’ but the police don’t want the list as they are not ‘going head hunting,’” writes Flash’s caretaker. “Yet the chief came to me, saying, ‘we know you have three dogs and you need to get rid of one!’”

The family has a senior Basset with heart problems who has to take medications twice a day and a Basset sister rescued “to be his therapy dog.” Flash was rescued six years ago and the family cannot even imagine giving him up because of the ordinance – with no ground for its enforcement. They send out a message: “My family needs to be together. Flash’s heart is breaking. His furry siblings, Comet and Roxy, are stressed. My 11-year-old daughter and myself are stressed. Please Support our fight in keeping our furry friend.”

Click here to sign the petition and Support Flash and his family!

Image source: Amber B/Care2