So, Ariana Grande took a Victoria’s Secret Angel wing to the face during a performance, causing her to make a cringe face belying both terror and dislike all at once.


It was kinda spectacular, as far as reaction shots go. Really captured the emotion of, “Please, I don’t wanna die! Not like this!” Naturally, the internet being the empathetic people that we all are, it didn’t take long for everyone to start photoshopping Ms. Grande into various pictures in which a cringe-worthy reaction would be appropriate. We would love to say that we are above such chicanery. We are so not.

Which made us naturally think about what would make a person cringe that epically (aside from a big, pink wing to the noggin). It would have to be something that was gross, or horrible, or cruel or scary. Then, the lightbulb went off. Dairy isn’t just one of those things. It’s all of them! From how it’s made to what it does in our bodies, it’s one of the more cringe-worthy substances ever. Just look at how scared she is of it!

  Dairy cows spend their lives as milk machines like some Orwellian nightmare.



  There isn’t just milk in your milk. It’s also filled with pesticides, antibiotics, GMOs, preservatives, additives and fungicides.

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  Dairy cows have to eat a lot of food to keep up with milk production demands on their bodies. It takes about 4,781 gallons of water per day, per cow, just to produce their feed.



  Lactose is notoriously difficult to digest, with 75 percent of the global population being unable to do so!

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 Casein, a protein found in dairy, is addictive.


 There’s pus in milk. Pus. 750 million cells allowable per liter…pus.



 Male calves born to the constantly pregnant dairy cows are often sent to live short, horrible lives in tiny crates to limit movement in order to become veal. The veal industry literally depends on dairy.

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 Dairy has been linked to cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, cancer and diabetes. 

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Lead image source: Funny Pictures