When you’re a celebrity, you can’t really do anything without the public taking note, especially if you post your daily activities on social media. Jared Leto, our favorite bad ass vegan actor and musician, recently came across our radar for hugging a tree while he was out on a walk.

Jared Leto/Instagram

While this may seem like an incredibly mundane activity for any other “average” human, the viral madness that has ensued from this wonderful tree hug has set the social media world on fire. The hashtag, #JaredHugginLeto has donned countless meme’s featuring Leto hugging everything from unicorns to Vladimir Putin have surfaced on the inter-web.

Leto is an animal lover and activist, thus the images we created reflect his awesome and kind-hearted spirit and inner Green Monster tendencies (I mean he thanked ‘vegan butter’ in his Oscar acceptance speech)…If we know anything about Leto, we can say without hesitation that here is what he REALLY wants to be hugging. Enjoy!

1. Tony, the Truck Stop Tiger.

2. Sunder, the abused Indian elephant, who finally found his way to freedom.


3. Arturo, the Depressed Polar Bear.

4. A Green Smoothie.


5. Esther the Wonder Pig.

6. Vegan Pancakes.


7. Tilikum, the lonely prisoner of SeaWorld.

8. Kale!


9. A Pit Bull.


10. GROUP HUG! With Jane Goodall and her rescued chimp.


Tell us what you think Jared Leto should hug next in the comments! Jared Leto is a real Green Monster!



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