Investigations have recently revealed that meat industries in the UK and Europe have been exploiting their meat plant workers by hiring them from sketchy subcontractors, agencies, and co-operatives.

The European meat industry has become a global hotspot of outsourced labor. Companies hire a large number of undocumented immigrants, many of whom are paid 40% to 50% less than directly-employed staff in the same companies. Many of these immigrant workers have very few other work options and are cornered into taking these jobs. They often are not even aware that they are not being paid the standard rate

These meat industries are able to get away with this as many have a two-tier employment system, which allows them to pay a certain class of employees significantly less for their labor. This allows these growing industries to supply the demand for fast and cheap labor. 

The workers are not only underpaid and overworked, but they also must work in terrible conditions. The pandemic has only increased the stakes and risks involved in this line of work.

The exploitation of human workers is another horrific reality behind the meat industry, which is corrupt to the core and thrives off of cruelty. 

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