The dog and cat meat trade in places like South Korea and China is a topic that is usually brought up around the time of the Yulin Meat Festival. Although a large number of animals are killed during this event, the cruel and violent practice of eating dog and cat meat actually goes on all year long. In the case of South Korea, dog farms are not uncommon. This is a very upsetting reality for the majority of the world, especially since dogs and cats are typically put on a pedestal above other animals like pigs, chickens, and cows. That being said, what sometimes happens, and is definitely not legal is the abduction of pets into the meat trade. Sadly, many organizations that are battling this industry have come across several dogs that have either been microchipped, have collars, or simply have the behavioral tendencies of a former pet.

Humane Society International (HSI) is one of the organizations that is trying to bring an end to the dog meat trade in South Korea and elsewhere.


Earlier this year, HSI happened upon James, a dog that was languishing in a South Korean meat farm. You can see the fear and anxiety in his eyes. 

James’ sweet and gentle nature led HSI to believe that James was a stolen pet that had been kidnapped and dragged into the meat trade. Thankfully, HSI was able to rescue this darling pup and give him a second chance at life. 

After a lot of care, love, and support from the HSI team, James recovered tremendously! In fact, he now has a forever home!

Nowadays, James can be found playing with a plethora of toys and enjoying all of the simple pleasures he was robbed of during his time on the meat farm. 

James looks much calmer and happier. Despite all of the challenges he faced in the past, he is truly learning to love and trust humans again! 



With all of the disheartening news there is about the dog meat trade in parts of Asia, it can get easy to feel that this issue will never be solved. However, we must remember that every dog saved is a small victory. Because of the perseverance of HSI, this dog’s life is forever changed. And that is definitely worth celebrating. To learn more about Humane Society International, click here.


All image source: Humane Society International/Facebook