There’s no doubt about it – animals and humans are different. We speak different languages, have our own ways of living, and definitely don’t look the same. But there is one vital thing we have in common: a desire to live. When confronted with danger we run, when we are trapped we want to escape, and most importantly, we do everything in our power to survive. In today’s society, this simple idea often gets blurred. Certain animals, like pigs, chickens, and cows are seen as nothing but products, a life simply ours for the taking. In Yulin, China, this is how dogs are viewed.

Every year, thousands of Chinese citizens gather for the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, a celebration where attendees eat dog meat and lychees to mark the summer solstice. The ten-day-long festival results in the death of up to 15,000 dogs.

Since dogs have a special place in people’s hearts, the festival has been met with heavy opposition from animal welfare activists and citizens around the world.  Many Chinese pet owners and animal activists have spoken up against the horrific event. And while organizations, like Humane Society International, have been able to save hundreds of dogs from this terrible fate, the countdown to the Yulin festival still continues.

Luckily, as more photos surface of the dogs who will die as a result of this festival, increasingly more people are becoming enraged at the situation.

You can just see the pain and fear in their eyes…


Since dogs are considered companion animals in the U.S., seeing them suffer in this way strikes a chord with many. Especially since some of the dogs that have been rescued from the meat trade were found to have microchips in them, sometimes even collars! We can’t even imagine the pain that some must feel from not only getting their dog stolen but knowing the horrible fate that they will endure.

Together, as a society, we can put an end to this madness. We cannot sit idly and let these things sort themselves out on their own. And every day that we remain silent, is another day we have decided that these animals are not worth the fight. If you want to join the movement to end the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, please sign Humane Society International‘s petition and maybe even consider donating to the cause. After all, in our heart of hearts we know that dogs and humans are not so different at all.

Image Source: Humane Society International/Facebook