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The Yulin Dog Meat Festival has gained a significant amount of negative press in recent weeks. Centered around the consumption of dog meat, this festival originated in 2010 as a way to promote the dog meat trade in China. Although cultural attitudes towards eating dog are changing both in the country and across Asia, this festival has been allowed to continue despite growing international outrage.

To people who love and cherish their dogs, the concept of a festival devoted to the mass slaughter and consumption of dog meat is absolutely repulsive. We believe that dogs should be treated like members of our families and afforded the due care and respect that comes with this status. In Nepal, a festival that is perhaps the stark opposite of the Yulin Dog Meat Festival exists with the express purpose of celebrating dogs for all the wonderful things that they do for us.

The Tihar Festival is a five-day event that takes place in the fall as part of the Hindu celebration of Diwali. In Nepal, the second day of the festival, known as Kukur Tihar, is devoted exclusively to the celebration of dogs. 

In the Tihar Festival, dogs are worshiped as representations of the Hindu god Bhairav. 

Dogs are adorned with flower garlands as a sign of respect for the beautiful relationship shared between humans and dogs.

The red marks on the dog’s foreheads signify the animal’s sacredness

In addition to their gorgeous adornments, dogs are given fed tons of treats and delicious food.

Now that’s one happy, sacred pup.

We don’t know about you, but a festival devoted to showering our pups with love and respect sounds like the best time ever!

Remember, you don’t have to live in Nepal to take part in this festival. You can celebrate your dog’s greatness every day just by being a responsible and loving pet parent – but if you want to break out the daisy chains for your pup, we’re sure they won’t protest.

All image source: Imgur