In most of the world, dogs are one of the most beloved animals. They are our hiking companions, our cuddle buddies, and our furry therapists after a long day. Since they are so close to our hearts, we feel bad whenever dogs are harmed. Whether it’s cringing at a scene in a movie where a dog is mistreated or even accidentally stepping on their tail, we can’t stand the idea of ever harming our four-legged friends. Considering our deep love for dogs, it’s no surprise that the international community has been up in arms over the Yulin Meat Festival, an event that marks the summer solstice by eating dog meat and lychees.

The long-held tradition in China sees the slaughter of up to 10,000 dogs each year, with about 300 of them slaughtered each day leading up to the festival on June 21. As of yet, the consumption of dog and cat meat in China is perfectly legal.


The dogs are piled on top of each other in rusty wire cages, and many of them suffer horrendous injuries and die in transport due to the filthy conditions they are subjected to.

As if the festival and consumption of dog and cat meat wasn’t horrific enough, the majority of the animals  appear to be stolen pets with collars still on, completely unaware they are about to be slaughtered.

Once the festival kicks off, the dogs are clubbed over the head or have their throats slit, and then are thrown into boiling water. A brutal scene that all of the other dogs must watch. 

Animals Asia Cat and Dog Welfare Director Irene Feng said in a statement that beyond the cruelty there is an added danger of poisoning for those who consume the dogs.

Unfortunately, according to reports from last year, it seems that this brutal trade and practice is an all-year occurrence in Yulin with 10 million dogs consumed each year. 


The international community is not taking this news lying down, though. Many organizations like Animals Asia and Humane Society International are going above and beyond to save as many dogs and cats as possible. If you’d like to help propel the movement and help end the Yulin Meat Festival once and for all, click here to sign Animals Asia’s letter to dog meat traders urging them to end this horrific practice.

All Images Source: Daily Mail UK