This is one amazing rescue story.

One night, when a couple was making a last minute trip to the grocery store (15 minutes before it closed) they saw someone dump a dog in a cage by the store’s front door. Everyone stopped and stared. No one knew what to do. The couple stepped up and decided they would take the abandoned dog home, planning to transport it to a shelter in the morning. They already had three dogs waiting for them at home, and weren’t thinking of adopting another.

However, once they got the poor abandoned dog home, they noticed something shocking. She was covered in abrasions, seemed lethargic and dazed – not acting at all like a healthy, happy, normal, dog would. The couple rushed her to the veterinarian, who informed them that the dog had been hit by a car. The injured pooch had a broken jaw and trauma to her head. Her brain has swollen from the impact injury, and as a result she had gone blind. The couple paid the vet bill to help the animal, and from then on she became a member of their family.

For eight days, the poor dog had to be watched over constantly in the hospital. Ever so slowly, she started to recover and eventually made a complete recovery and even regained her sight! Her new family named her Karma, believing that it was karma that brought this injured animal into their lives. Karma is now happy and healthy, free to enjoy her life in the care of this kind couple and their three other dogs.

A big thank you to the amazing, compassionate couple who took to action and helped this dog recover. We have a feeling their karma is much improved because of it.