There are about 70 million stray animals living in the United States and only six to eight million ever make it into shelters. For the lucky animals who are taken to shelters, this means that they are one step closer to every pet’s dream: a forever family. But for the majority who don’t get that spot in the shelter, it means having to fend for themselves in the neighborhood, streets, or woods in your area. These animals can come from all walks of life. Maybe, like feral cats, they were born in the wild and build their own community with their fellow felines. Or maybe they once had a family, like Max, the dog in the photos below, but their former guardians decided they no longer wished to care for his needs and, instead, chose to abandon him out in the country.

According to Max’s new guardian, Imgur user thebaconhawk, Max was found wandering with another dog and was brought to a local kill shelter. While the other dog was adopted immediately, Max’s few-month residence in the shelter put him close to the kill list. Luckily, he was taken in as a foster and from there, Max made his way to his new forever home with thebaconhawk and their fiancé. According to Max’s


According to Max’s new guardian, “He’s the epitome of a dog. He’s happy, he loves to run around the house, loves all of his toys, and likes to chew on his sister (whom is a wolfhound schnauzer mix that we also rescued).” He’s also made friends with Puff Kitty, the cat in the photo below. But unlike being an annoying, but lovable, dog brother like he is to his dog-sister, Max likes to hold paws with Puff Kitty. Kind of weird. Kind of high school dating awkward in that we-want-to-hold-hands-but-are-too-embarrassed-to-acknowledge-it way. But so, so cute.

Every household needs a fresco of this moment between Max and Puff Kitty, which is eerily similar to Michaelangelo’s The Creation of Adam.



See what we mean about how Max and Puff Kitty are both trying to nonchalant about their affectionate paw-holding? So cute. We’re glad that Max found a wonderful home with two other rescued pet siblings and that everyone gets along — even if this pup can act like kind of a brat towards his dog sister. This awesome moment clearly seals the fact that this dog and cat know they have the best rescue parents of all.


If you’re considering welcoming a dog into your life, please always adopt and never shop. When you adopt, you open up room in the shelter for more dogs like Max. Or, you can foster! If it weren’t for his foster mom, we can’t say for sure that Max would have found such a wonderful forever home. To learn more about what it means to foster a pet, read Ever Consider Fostering a Pet? Here’s Why You Should!

All image source: thebaconhawk/Imgur