As animal lovers, we consider our pets to be just about as precious as any loved one in our life. We always make sure that their food and water dishes are squeaky clean and they never go hungry. We let them cuddle up to us at night and no, we don’t really mind the slobbery kisses, accidental cat scratches, or the fur all over our clothes (or bed or floor … sometimes, it kind of just floats in the air). That’s why when we learn about cases of neglect, abuse, or any action that has put an animal in an unhappy situation, we really have to wrack our brains about why somebody would ever do this. Our pets want nothing more than to give love to their guardians and be loved in return.

Spanky, the charming dog in the photos below, was brought to the Nelson Country SPCA after being rescued from an extreme neglect case. He had been left confined outdoors with his brother and sister during the harsh winter. Unfortunately for their brother, the rescue team arrived too late and he had frozen to death. Thankfully, they were able to save Spanky and his sister. According to the shelter, “When [they] arrived at our shelter they were SO HAPPY to get here,” but because Spanky’s sister was more outgoing than her shy brother, she was adopted shortly after being taken in.


It’s been two years since Spanky arrived at the shelter, but he hasn’t gotten adopted yet. We can’t understand why. Just look at that smile!

This happy pup has gotten kind of famous because of his dazzling smile. He’s even the shelter mascot! But what Spanky really wants is a forever home.

Spanky is shy, but he’s gentle, sharp as a tack, and super-affectionate. This could be you! 

No dog should be without a home. Let’s help Spanky find his forever family!



We’re so glad that two years of not getting adopted hasn’t put a damper on this positive pup’s spirit. Since he’s such a people-pleaser, we believe that he’s driven by all of the tricks the shelter trainer has been teaching him and they say that he’s one of the smartest dogs they’ve ever met. According to the shelter,  “Whoever is lucky enough to adopt this little, loyal, fun, smart guy is going to have a lot of fun with him. He will study you closely to see if he can figure out what you want him to do because he is going to want to please you to the moon and back. That is just the kind of dog he is.”

To learn more about Spanky and to see videos of what a smart pup he is, visit his official page on the Nelson County SPCA. Or, help Spanky find his forever home by sharing this article!


Or, if you’re considering welcoming a companion animal into your life, please always adopt and never shop.

All image source: Nelson County SPCA