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If you saw Roo, the whippet/collie mix, walk by, you would think you were looking at an adorable, black kangaroo. Roo is a five month old puppy who was rescued by the British animal rescue group, Safe Rescue for Dogs. She was found on the streets in Romania, wondering around with an injured leg. Safe Rescue for Dogs say they believe Roo was born without one front leg and that she lost the other one after what seems like an attack by another dog.

Such a tough beginning hasn’t slowed this little girl down, though. She is loving life. After being rescued, Roo was adopted by Nikki and Ian Dick. The couple brought Roo to their Northumberland, UK home where she now has six other rescue dog brothers and sisters.

Meet Roo, the Determined Dog Who Learned to Walk Without Her Two Front Legs (VIDEO)

“She is right at home with the other dogs and acts like any other cheeky little puppy who just happens to have two legs and look like a kangaroo,” says Dick of her new puppy. “Roo doesn’t know any different to hopping on her two back legs but she still laps up all the fuss from people who always stop and do a double take when they see her.”

Roo’s unusual situation does cause some issues for her back, though. Her new parents happily take her to physical rehabilitation once a week. There she undergoes hydrotherapy and physiotherapy sessions to ease any strain her strange posture has on her body.

Meet Roo, the Determined Dog Who Learned to Walk Without Her Two Front Legs (VIDEO)

“She’s perfectly happy and pain free and vets are very happy with her progress,” says Dick.

People may feel sorry for the little dog, but thanks to the efforts of Safe Rescue for Dogs and the welcoming arms of Roo’s new parents, this little dog is happy as can be!

“Despite what she has been through she is full of personality and so loving and we feel very lucky to have her,” states Roo’s new mom. “She might look like a kangaroo but to us she is just our little puppy Roo.”

What could’ve been a terrible situation for the little dog has turned into an incredibly happy ending!

Meet Roo, the Determined Dog Who Learned to Walk Without Her Two Front Legs (VIDEO)

 Lead image source: New York Daily News