Do you ever feel like something is missing in your life? You might have a job, tons of friends, and a loving family, but there is still a piece missing. Based on our estimates, we would say the missing piece is about a foot and a half wide … and has four legs? Yep, we thought so. You’re missing a pet from your life!

Now you might be going over all the reasons not to get a pet in your head, and we respect that. Adopting a companion animal is a real responsibility, and it is very important that you consider the financial and time commitment that comes with bringing a pet into the picture. But, if you have mulled over the details and are still contemplating adopting a pet, you have come to the right place.

Companion animals are so much more than lap warmers or an excuse to get out an exercise, they become part of the family and enrich our lives in ways we never imagined. While a pair of puppy eyes might be all the convincing you need to adopt a pet … here are 10 more crazy simple reasons you should adopt a pet.

 1. They need homes.


2. In their eyes, you’re the most amazing person in the world.

3. Your feet will never be cold again.

DSCN7560The Mad Cat Lady

4. They can teach you the importance of patience and kindness.


5. They make cleaning up a breeze.


6. They will ensure you never work too hard.

7. Having them around will improve your health.


8. They will always remind you what fun means.

9. They will be the most loyal friend you will ever know.

10. They will love you unconditionally … and you’ll love them right back


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