Sheridan the dog has been the lively steadfast companion to his humans, Morgan and Zach for years. This special dog has the pleasure of living on the island of Grenada while his guardians attend veterinary school. For a dog, getting to live on an island means long runs on the beach and fun swimming in the warm sun-soaked waters. Combined with the company of two amazing humans, that makes for a dog’s paradise!

There is no doubt that Sheridan loves his life, but sadly he has been diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer. Luckily, with two vet-to-be as guardians, Sheridan is receiving the best care possible. As far as any of them are concerned, cancer is just a bump in the road – not the end by any means. To help stop the spread of the cancer Sheridan has had his front right leg amputated and is undergoing chemotherapy. But despite this hardship, Sheridan has not missed a single beat. His enthusiasm for life and excitement for each day is nothing short of inspirational. We wish you a speedy recovery Sheridan!


You can help Sheridan on his road to recovery by making a donation towards his medical bill by clicking here.