There are few things in life that are better than finding someone you truly connect with. Usually, these people understand us in ways other cannot, they go through similar plights and get joy from similar things, and basically having them around makes our lives better. While many times these friends are humans, anyone who has a pet knows this type of friendship can also flourish with animals.

Take ten-year-old Julia, from the video above, for example. Julia and her dog, Walter, were both born deaf. When Julia went to the shelter to adopt a dog, she instantly fell in love with Walter.

Much like Julia, Walter did not let his disability dim his spirit. He was as lively and vivacious as the other dogs. Julia knew she had met her match the moment they met.

Now Julia and Walter help each other in all sorts of ways. Not only are they best play pals, but Julia is actually teaching her pup sign language! So far Walter knows how to sit, ask for food, and respond to his name. Pretty impressive! We’d like to think that the fact that many people steered clear of adopting Walter was simply the Universe making sure that he and Julia would end up together… True or not, we sure are glad these two found each other.