Animal shelters can be a scary place for cats and dogs. Even though there are usually a lot of really nice people who work in shelters, there are many unknowns for a new animal. Some cats and dogs are rescued from life on the streets and don’t understand what it means to be inside all the time; others might have come from homes and are scared and confused about where their humans went. I don’t remember living in a shelter all that well because I was a tiny pup when my forever family adopted me, but I do remember it being loud and cold and confusing.

Having a friend in the shelter can make all the difference, especially in the case of tiny kittens and puppies. After all, learning to snuggle and play with others is a huge thing for little ones who are waiting for their forever homes … from the looks of it, these two rescued kittens have got that down.

“Maybe when we wake up, our new families will be here to take us home!”

These little ones are just two of over 70 million stray dogs and cats who need a permanent home and a nice warm bed. While it is so sweet that they have each other, what they really need is some nice family to take them and give them all the love and care they deserve.

So Green Monsters, if you’re considering adding a new furry member to your clan, be sure to check with your local shelters. Remember, by rescuing an animal you might not change the world, but for that one animal, surely their world will be changed forever!

Image source: Imgur