If you’ve ever adopted a furry family member from a shelter, then you understand how easy it is to love your new animal companion like they’re your very own human child — and you know how quickly they fall in love with you. And if you’ve ever adopted a dog, chances are that you can recall the unbridled enthusiasm your new canine companion expressed at getting to leave the shelter and start their new life with a complete stranger.

That immediate sense of unconditional love and trust can’t be matched. This photo of Imgur user JackScagnetti1 and their new puppy on the ride home perfectly captures that feeling. Even though the photo of this handsome pup and his new guardian was snapped not long after the adoption took place, there’s no mistaking the expression of love in his eyes.


Incredible Face on Pup Who Was Just Adopted Shows What it Means to Adopt Not Shop



This lucky puppy will get to spend the rest of his life in his new forever home, and it’s all thanks to adoption. As much as we love cats and dogs in the United States, the sad fact is that every year, a staggering

As much as we love cats and dogs in the United States, the sad fact is that every year, a staggering 70 million stray cats and dogs live their life in the streets, some of them never knowing what it means to be cared for by a human who loves them. 2.7 million pets in shelters are euthanized due to overcrowding — a number that we can help reduce by always adopting new animal companions into our family rather than choosing to purchase from a breeder. Along with spaying and neutering our cats and dogs, we can help control the pet overpopulation and move towards a future where all cats and dogs find their guardian.


Just one look at this pup will show you why it is so important to adopt and not shop! As they say, saving one dog might not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.

All image source: JackScagnetti1/Imgur