Terrible as this may be to hear – given that it has pushed the Blue Whale to the brink of extinction, and kills an estimated 16,000 whales per year – the practice of whale hunting shows no sign of abating in places such as Iceland, Japan, Norway, and the Faroe Islands.

Japanese whalers claim that their activities are carried out for “scientific research” purposes – despite the fact that not one peer-reviewed paper has ever been published as a result of their expeditions. In 2014, the International Court of Justice in The Hague ruled that Japan had to stop hunting whales in Antarctic waters. Defying all common sense, however – and in the face of growing international condemnation – Japan has continued to press ahead with its whaling activities. Additionally, traditional whale hunts in the Faroe Islands occur every year despite protests, and although only around five percent of Icelandic people still consume whale meat, national hunts continue.


Just when it seemed like the world had completely forgotten all common sense when it comes to whale hunting … we have some refreshing news!

Chris Hemsworth recently spoke out against the practice, calling it “completely unnecessary” in an interview with BBC Television in the UK. It is wonderful to hear a famous face tell it like it is!

Hemsworth’s latest movie, In The Heart of the Sea, may deal with the story of a ship that was attacked by a sperm whale, but these days, whales have much more reason to be afraid of us than we are of them. Not only are they still hunted in waters across the world, but they are also under threat because of the mountains of plastic trash that we humans throw into the oceans every single day. An estimated 270,000 tons of plastic debris are currently held within the oceans and have even led to the creation of “plastic islands” – one of the most well-known being the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. A large number of tragic stories about whales who starved to death after ingesting plastic have come to light in recent years. With this in mind, it is clear that whales don’t need the added threat of hunting to add to their many woes!

It is wonderful to see someone in the public eye like Hemsworth speaking out against the horrors of whaling. Not only is this practice entirely unnecessary, but it is also wildly underreported or discussed in mainstream media. Whales play a critical role in balancing our global ecosystem. Join Hemsworth in defense of whales and share this post to help raise awareness! Together, we can make a huge difference for the sake of whales – and also for our own sake as well.