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What is with people and plastic?! They have a whole industry devoted to making it and use it for everything … but without fail two seconds after they get their paws on it they toss it in the garbage. It has never made any sense to me. Do they not know where their plastic trash is ending up? Have they not heard the news that 8.8 million tons of plastic trash get dumped in the oceans every year? Really, I’m a dog and I knew that!

What’s got more even more woofing mad is that marine animals are getting hurt because they think plastic cups and bags are food (because WHY ELSE would it be in the ocean!?). And I’m not just talking about a tummy ache here or there … it is killing them. It might seem like a plastic bag to a hooman, but to a fish, whale, bird or seal … it is poison.

This 32,000 Pound Sperm Whale confused plastic trash for his usual food, giant squid, and this is what happened to him.


Even the smallest piece of plastic trash can have an enormous impact on the planet. Humans need to remember that their not the only ones who live on Earth. You have a choice to use plastic and throw it in the trash, animals don’t have the choice to deal with it. Be smart, choose better.