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Zoos are not nice places for any animal, especially a large one like a bear. There isn’t enough room to roam, they can’t satisfy their hunting instincts and their social needs are rarely adequately met. It’s like living in a broom closet when it’s in your DNA to live on a lush and sprawling island. This unnatural environment can lead to boredom, depression and eventually zoochosis.

Which made a bear in the Budapest Zoo’s reaction to a crow who’d become trapped in his enclosure beyond incredible. Common perception is that bears are not the type of animals that would be particularly compassionate in the presence of a potential meal, but this encounter turns that on its ear. Bears are actually shy animals and avoid conflict with humans if at all possible, making their image as terrifying killing machines largely exaggerated.

This bear responds swiftly and purposefully, leaving no doubt that his intention from the beginning was not to harm but to help. The video shows animals demonstrate far more care when relating to each other and the world around them than some would give them credit for. They’re not single-minded predators; there’s much more to them than that.

This isn’t an isolated incident in the animal world. There are plenty of examples of animals across all species reaching out to help each other in times of need, demonstrating their thoughtfulness and deep intelligence. Responding quickly and gently, this bear demonstrates mercy in a way that can be an example to us all, not just in how animals respond to one another, but in how we should respond to one another as well.

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