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In the wild, it’s prey versus predator out there. Animals (usually) aren’t helping each other and making acquaintances. They are fighting for survival. In the domestic space, companion animals are the same. Your pet cat might not want anything to do with your newly adopted pup. And your parrot might scare the daylights out of your kitten.

Childhood television shows popularized this theory of “frienemy” relationships with “Tom & Jerry” and Looney Tune’s Tweety Bird and Sylvester. It’s a game of dominance on the animal hierarchy, not friendship.

But, animals have proved us wrong. This mentality is outdated and old school with interspecies friendships popping up everywhere. Animals help other kinds of animals, as well as their own. They reach out to others when they’re in need, with no regards to predator, prey, companion, or enemy. Shouldn’t we learn something from the following animals, and see all animals for what they truly are — companion or factory farmed animals — loving, intelligent creatures that deserve the same respect and chance to a happy life? Watch the following 5 videos showcasing amazing animals coming to the aid of other animals:

 Dolphins Assist a Drowning Seal

 Horse Helps Cat Scratch an Itch

Mother Elephant Rescues Calf From Mud

Hippo Saves Gnu From Crocodile

Puppies Help Street Dog Recover