Serving up plant-based comfort food like chicken and waffles and cheesesteaks, The Greener Kitchen is helping bring vegan food to Pigtown, Baltimore, a neighborhood with a long history of being centered around meat production and butchering.

An alarming 25.3 percent of Pigtown, Baltimore residents are below the poverty line, notably higher than the rate of 17.7 percent of impoverished residing in the rest of the city. To make the issue even more clear, 88.87 percent of children in Pigtown receive free or reduced-price school lunches.

Greener Kitchen’s goal is to bring healthy, sustainable, and affordable food to everyone from all backgrounds and socioeconomic levels. On their website they point out that Baltimore is a known “food desert,” a term used to describe areas where fast food and liquor stores are commonplace, but healthy restaurants and grocery stores are few and far between if they exist at all. They emphasize wanting to help change this reality and create a healthier balance in the food system.

The Greener Kitchen will be the first all-vegan community kitchen where chefs can come together sharing ideas and food, and their creations will be sold at the establishment. Their deli will showcase items like plant-based meats and cheeses. The Greener Kitchen also plans to expand the catering side of the business. On top of all this, they will implement environmentally-friendly practices like making everything compostable and recyclable.

We love what The Greener Kitchen is doing for the greater good and applaud the mission they stand for. To learn more about The Greener Kitchen, visit their website here. And remember to share this exciting news with your friends in Baltimore and beyond!

Image Source: The Greener Kitchen/Facebook