The plant-based food space is growing, and as people learn more about the benefits of eating more plant foods for their personal health, the environment, and animals, we’re seeing clear signs that there is no slowing down this movement.

Sales for plant-based food topped $3.3 billion last year and the plant-based meat alternative market is set to hit $5.2 billion within the next two years. The sales in the sector are not the only indicator that something is shifting in how people view the connection between what is on their plate and personal health. Just recently, NYC launched a pilot program to bring an innovative plant-based nutrition and education to patients at Bellevue hospital, and Brooklyn even launched a plant-based nutrition page on their borough website … times are changing and people are finally embracing the all-over benefits of eating plant-based. 


Seeing this growing trend paired with an increasing consciousness about the environmental impact of animal agriculture, Ben Davis decided it was time to unite all these different facets in the growing plant-based movement and came up with the idea for the Plant Based World Conference and ExpoWith the help of JD Events, an events management company that has established a reputation over the past 20 years of running successful trade shows and expos across a wide variety of industries, the conference began to take form.

In a recent episode of the #EatForThePlanet with Nil Zacharias podcast, Ben shared more about why this expo is needed and dives into what he hopes this sort of conference will achieve.

The expo is set to take place in June of 2019 and will serve as a place where plant-based product manufacturers, food service providers, retailers, entrepreneurs, investors, healthcare professionals, and consumers alike can receive education, high-level networking opportunities, and the most up-to-date innovations in plant-based living. The expo has already garnered the support of leading organizations in the space, such as Good Food Institute and the Plant-Based Foods Association, and it will tackle issues that are relevant to the industry and movement.

Ben’s goal is to bring the plant-based movement to the mainstream, and he hopes to achieve that by uniting players from across the space in this one-of-a-kind conference.


If you are interested in the world of plant-based food and are looking to learn more about this incredible event as well as much more, listen in! 

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Image source: Olinda/Shutterstock