Throughout his time serving as the Borough President of Brooklyn, Eric L. Adams has done some pretty incredible work. For instance, he has successfully united citizens of the borough from all walks of life and boosted the local economy by creating jobs and encouraging investment in the community.

That’s already reason enough to love Borough President Adams in our book, but it’s not even our favorite part of what this inspiring leader has accomplished! What we’re most excited about is that he has been using his platform to spread the word about how a plant-based diet can change the world and greatly improve one’s health.


Ever since he decided to take charge of his personal well-being by adopting a diet centered around plants, Adams has been encouraging his fellow Brooklynites to do the same. On a regular basis, he discusses the benefits of a plant-based diet at the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, and he has even put a policy in place that requires all events at the Borough Hall to offer plant-based options. Plus, Adams has spearheaded programs in local churches that are designed to encourage people to skip meat and dairy in order to achieve better health and longevity. And that’s just the beginning of his plant-based advocacy efforts!

In his most recent move to empower his borough and the rest of New York to go plant-based, Adams played an important role in the creation of an exciting pilot program with NYC Health + Hospitals/Bellevue called the Plant-Based Lifestyle Medicine Program. Funded by NYC Health + Hospitals, this $400,000 initiative aims to help patients from all five boroughs transition to a healthy lifestyle that involves eating nourishing, plant-based food in order to improve or reverse chronic conditions such as obesity, high cholesterol, heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. This incredible program was born out of a meeting with Deputy Mayor Herminia Palacio, NYC Health + Hospitals leaders, including Dr. Michelle McMacken, director of the NYC Health + Hospitals/Bellevue Adult Weight Management Program, and other plant-based nutrition experts.

As Adams stated in a press release, “This clinic will champion a new paradigm for health care in New York and beyond, one in which patients gain freedom not only from debilitating, life-threatening chronic diseases but also from the harsh side effects and reduced quality of life associated with traditional, less effective treatments.” He went on, “The power of plant-based diets allowed me to reverse my Type 2 diabetes, and I’m elated that through this clinic, it will do the same — and more — for countless New Yorkers.”

Under the Plant-Based Lifestyle Medicine Program, patients will have access to a network of physicians, including a registered dietitian, a health coach, medical assistants, and clerical staff. This team of experts will work together to help New Yorkers create and maintain healthy habits while taking into account individual factors that may shape their eating patterns, such as culture and socioeconomic status.


“This program will assist patients who are living with chronic health conditions, giving them the guidance and support they need to transition to a healthy lifestyle,” said Dr. McMacken, who will direct the pilot. “Healthy lifestyle habits have the potential to prevent, treat, and sometimes even reverse conditions such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.”

After receiving the funding needed to bring the pilot program to life, its creators are now recruiting staff members and expect that they will be ready to launch the program this fall. We’re absolutely ecstatic to hear about this plant-promoting initiative, and we can’t wait for the results to come in (we have a feeling they’ll be awesome!).

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Image Source: Pexels