Get ready to be amazed! At just 21-years-old, engineering student, Abhay Rangan, is on a mission to make plant-based milk affordable and accessible in India. Abhay started out traveling about 311 miles every week on his moped through Bangalore, delivering dairy-free milk. The milk was made entirely by Abhay and his mom in their home kitchen.

“It was a difficult job. We manufactured our first few thousand liters using our blenders, pots, and pans. The challenge was that we were too small to outsource things like manufacturing to someone else, so we had to redo several orders when, for example, the almond milk spoiled before it got to the customer,” Abhay shared with Forbes contributor, Katrina Fox.


“A common argument I came across was that the vegan alternatives were expensive,” said Abhay. “I looked around and there were very few exclusively vegan businesses that were accessible to me on a student budget. Veganarke was born out of a desire to make vegan products affordable and accessible to everyone.”

Thanks to word of mouth about Abhay’s delicious almond and coconut milk, he soon had a bunch of customers. With the profits, he was able to outsource logistics, make the products shelf-stable, and move into a manufacturing facility. 

Now, the company has re-branded from Veganarke to Goodmylk. Currently, this awesome plant-based milk is available throughout all of India via online sales. They also offer a monthly subscription box! They are also the first company in the country to make vegan yogurt, which is also available nationwide. 

Goodmylk recently secured seed funding of $400,000 from Stephen Sturdivant, a vegan angel investor in Dallas, Texas, and hope to expand their line! 


With India set to become the world’s largest producer of dairy milk by just 2026, Abhay’s vision couldn’t come a moment sooner. Thankfully though, Abhay shared that less than 30 percent of Goodmylk’s customers are vegan and the majority are lactose-intolerant and/or know about the many health benefits of plant-based foods!

“There’s definitely growing awareness about why dairy is not all that it’s cracked up to be. We plan to talk about why plant-based dairy alternatives are a better way to get nutrients, and that plant-based food is the future that we’re making possible today,” said Abhay. Well said!

The future looks bright for Goodmylk! For more information on their products, check out their website and be sure to spread the word about this fantastic company!

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Image Source: Veganarke/Facebook