Alright, there’s an elephant in the room. It’s that topic that you can’t discuss in polite company, lest you stir up some unwanted tension. That topic you would think everyone should care about, but are endlessly shocked that they don’t. Okay, if you don’t know what we’re getting at yet, we’re talking about climate change.

Oh yes, it’s that big, scary problem we all love to pretend doesn’t exist. Really, we wish it didn’t, but there’s no denying it anymore … climate change is here, and it’s here to stay. So, we might as well get to know climate change if it’s going to be here a while. Artists, Marina Zurkow, Una Chaudhuri, Oliver Kellhammer, Frits Ertl and Sarah Rothberg have created an ingenious exhibit to help as all get acquainted with our new friend: climate change.

The five artists debuted their work ,”Dear Climate,” at the Dumbo Arts Festival in Brooklyn. In the artist statement for the piece, the creators wrote, “Of course we were well aware of the emphasis on personal responsibility in the environmental movement—the injunctions to practice simplicity, recycle paper and plastic, avoid waste, and reduce consumption. But what about deeper realms of the personal, like pleasure, fantasy, fear, desire, sensation, vision, imagination?”

So, let’s take a look …

The work as a whole is comprised of a series of around 60 posters that drive the audience to rethink how they talk about weather.

The weather events featured in the posters might seem a bit extreme, but it begs the question of whether discussing super storms be the new “is it supposed to rain today?”

Like all art, these posters are up to the interpretation of the individual viewer. 

The blend of fun and even childish phrasing and designs provides a stark contrast to the actual focus of the posters.

It almost makes hurricanes seem cute and relatable.

This poster plays on tourism ads one might see for beach getaways …  you might want to reconsider your vacation plans.

And then things got personal …

Sometime you just need to break up with your preconceived notions.

Well maybe this one is just for fun, but we can’t help but to wonder …

Suddenly, weather might not be such a flat, boring subject.

Thousands of species are already disappearing everyday due to habitat loss and degradation – hey, if these  little guys need a new home, why not use yours?

Maybe a plus of rising water levels is the comeback of zip-off cargo pants? We know you still have a pair left from the ’90s!

We love our electricity, but the climate sure doesn’t.

Climate change doesn’t just mean flooding; it also means large-scale draughts. Too bad crops can’t thrive on sunshine alone …

The concept of climate change refugees can’t be ignored. We need to remember that rising tides and superstorms have a very real, human impact. Climate change isn’t an issue designated for environmentalists; it’s an issue we all need to face.

The creators of “Dear Climate” are encouraging people to share and distribute the posters in this series. You can download Hi-Res PDFs of the posters on their website, here

All image source: Dear Climate