Anti-poaching rangers are the unsung heroes of the fight for conservation and biodiversity. Even environmentalist icon, Jane Goodall, is credited with saying that supporting rangers is essential to succeed in the fight for conservation. Without rangers, poaching would be an even more gargantuan problem than it already is, and there is no telling how many species would have already suffered extinction if not for the tireless efforts of these brave men and women.

This sweet image of anti-poaching rangers with a rescued baby animal reminds us of the courageous individuals who are fighting the battle against poaching worldwide. Their sign, “More Sweat, Less Poaching!” boldly proclaims their honorable mission.


There is no doubt that rangers deserve the highest degree of respect and support to ensure they are able to do what they do. The Thin Green Line Foundation (TTGLF) is the only organization in the world solely dedicated to supporting rangers all around the globe. They provide rangers in low-income countries and conflict zones with aid, equipment, training, and funding.

TTGLF states that a ranger is killed in the line of duty every three days, typically at the merciless violent hands of poachers armed with machetes. TTGLF makes sure that the families of these noble men and women are taken care of financially after the tragic deaths of their loved ones.

There is no doubt TTGLF and rangers are helping save our planet in major ways. TTGLF has access to rangers all around the world, and they all need our help to succeed in their mission. Please consider making a donation to TTGLF and become an integral part of the global fight against poaching.

Wildlife Rangers Put Their Lives on the Line Every Day to Protect Animals From Extinction – Say Thanks!

Image Source: Jamie Unwin/The Thin Green Line