So, Paper Magazine set out to “break the internet” by releasing images from their cover shoot with Kim Kardashian this month. You know, the images of her backside? Yeah, those, the ones that broke your internet.

Paper Mag


Clearly there’s an interest in her hinny, as it popped up all over our news feeds, causing us to wonder what awesome power her posterior possesses. Like, seriously, what is it about that woman’s bum that makes people tick and, obviously, click? In this case, was it the artfully designed photoshoot with the seductive wardrobe choices and warmly hued background? Would just anything have appeared sexy when placed in that setting?


This peach has way more than 9 percent vitamin A…if you know what we mean.


While we’d love to say it was the artful way the picture was posed that caused the internet to explode with it, we’re just going to have to call it like it is and acknowledge that people enjoy Kim Kardashian’s rear. Well, you know what, we think we can do better! If bum bums are what the internet wants, who are we to deny them in the end? Heh, heh, “in the end.”


Let’s give Kim’s goodies a run for their money and break the internet ourselves with these 10 beautiful butts!



1. Hey, my eyes are up here.

Bark Post

2. Throw your feathered fanny in the air and wave it like you just don’t care.

Avian Avenue


3. This tiny tail-end makes us fall to pieces.

Know Your Meme

4. “Mom! Help! I can’t get my booty over this log!”

Teddy Talk

5. It’s official. No-bunny has a cuter bum than this.


6. The tails on these tails are to die for.


7. Peek-a-boo!


8. “I’m just proudly displaying what my mama gave me, people. Haters gonna hate.”



9. They know they’re adorable, there’s no need to be sheepish about it.


10. POW! Keep up with this, Kim.

Lol Pix


Lead Image Credit: Paper Mag