Hey Kim K, we know you’ve got some assets to show off, but how about some compassion while you’re at it?

Recently, the public figure posted photos and video of herself riding and kissing a dolphin, which shows that she does not understand the cruel nature of the captivity industry. Her posts riding the dolphins are not in line with one of her previous statements that, “I love animals and would never do anything to harm any animals.”



This is why there is a petition on change.org that we urge you to sign, and we hope Kim Kardashian (or at the very least, her manager and mother, Kris Jenner) will actually read. We understand that Kim may have simply been unaware, but going forward, there’s no excuse to aide in the harm of animals by supporting captivity programs.

Why all the fuss over playing with dolphins? Well, by participating in recreational activities where dolphins are forced to perform for our own amusement and be held in small tanks, Kim K is directly participating in the abuse of these amazing creatures.

Did you know that dolphins are one of the most intelligent species on this planet and swim up to 100 miles a day in the wild? These awesome animals not meant to be held captive, made to do tricks, or made to be our sea ponies, like what Kim did.


As the petition states, “these captivity programs are a direct result of the dolphin drives in Taiji where a pod is rounded up, the most beautiful individuals are selected for aquariums, and the rest are brutally slaughtered, as shown in the Academy Award winning film, ‘The Cove.’”

This point makes much more sense after watching the chilling and heartbreaking documentary, The Cove.

Please Kim: your actions are in the public eye, and you can be an example for all your fans. Keep wild animals in the wild!

Image source: Maui’s Dolphin Face Imminent Extinction. Action Must Be Taken Now to Save Them!