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The world is adapting to save animals and combat Climate change, and one of the latest innovations comes from the music sector.

A craftsman in the UK has created the world’s first official vegan violin and he did it by using fruit glue in place of animal glue!

Traditionally, violins are made using horsehair, hooves, horns, bones, and serosa, but Padraig O’Dubhlaoidh made his violin with steamed pear, berries, and fresh spring water instead. While vegan bows and strings have been made in the past, his is the first vegan violin body to be registered with the Vegan Society.

In a  press release about the violin, Ericka Durgahee with the Vegan Society said, “This will be music to the ears of so many violinists who have longed for a high-quality instrument that is free from animal products.”

Dubhlaoidh shared his thoughts in the release as well, crediting his success with the vegan violin to “the science of Conservation.”

“I also discovered that there are unforeseen advantages to a vegan violin,” he added. “Apart from the benefit to animals, society, and our environment, it has become very clear that animal-based glues have harmful effects on violins, inducing powerful tensions on wooden components. The adhesive used in my vegan violins however, has no such effect. Irrespective of ethics, this is an acoustic improvement.”

Musicians will no longer have to choose between ethics and instruments.

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