Woodstock Farm Sanctuary rescued 150 animals this year. They are doing the hard work of saving animals in need and giving them permanent homes where they will be safe, happy, and among other animals of their own species. They have a total of 400 rescued animals, and 150 of those will be enjoying the holiday season peacefully and happily for the first time in their lives. Just recently, they welcomed a sheep named Mabel, and this is her story.

A few years ago, Mabel and a goat were found emaciated and full of parasites. It’s believed they were dumped by a local petting zoo. Their ears were covered in auction tags. Clearly, their loves had been very rough and full of moving and suffering. The undernourished pair wandered up the driveway of a family that loves animals. They got them the medical care they needed and were prepared to give them a loving home forever!


It was good luck that they stumbled onto this family’s property, and the goat fit in very well since there were other goats around. But Mabel was the only sheep and the family could tell she was lonely. They reached out to Woodstock Farm Sanctuary in hopes that they’ll give her a forever home among her kind.

The sheep of Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

Source: Courtesy of Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

Now Mabel is enjoying life among her new herd at the sanctuary. She will be there forever and never have to move again. Thanks to the couple doing the right thing (every step of the way — saving them and reaching out to the sanctuary) and donations, Mabel and other animals will be safe forever.


You can donate to Woodstock Farm Sanctuary to help take care of Mabel and the other 399 residents, and the other rescues they will continue to help and take in.

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