Looking for the perfect last minute gift for the animal lover in your life?  Check out these simple gifts can make the holidays happy for animals everywhere!

1. Remember the Bunny

Make sure that beautiful makeup set you’re buying for your best friend isn’t marred by an ugly secret. Leaping Bunny lists compassionate companies that have met strict standards against animal testing. Check our list of approved brands and other cruelty-free shopping tips.

8 Acts of Kindness for Animals This SeasonMeredith Lee/HSUS

2. Give a Kid Kindness

Plant the seeds of compassion where they’ll grow for a lifetime: Give a grade-school classroom a subscription to a humane-focused children’s magazine such as Kind News.

8 Acts of Kindness for Animals This Holiday SeasonDave Sokol/HSUS

3. Let Foxes — and Other Animals — Keep Their Fur

What does the fox say? He asks you to keep the animals in mind when wardrobe-shopping for yourself or others. Check our list of fur-free retailers, designers and brands.

8 Acts of Kindness for Animals This SeasonHeather Fone/Cape Wildlife Center

4. Fork It Over

Reducing consumption of animal products means fewer animals suffering on factory farms. Swap out an ingredient on your holiday menu with one of these chicken-friendly products, or try one of our favorite recipes.

8 Acts of Kindness for Animals This Holiday SeasonMichelle Riley/HSUS

5. Skip the Puppy Mills; Think Adoption

If you or someone you know is thinking of adding a four-pawed family member this season, check out our tips for avoiding inhumane puppy mills and kitten mills. Instead, head over to your local shelter or rescue group—you’ll be rewarded with sloppy kisses.

8 Acts of Kindness for Animals This SeasonShelter Pet Project/HSUS

6. Serve Some Drinks for the New Year

Bottoms up! Put out a birdbath in your yard or on your apartment balcony and watch the guests arrive for an interspecies cocktail party. Check out our tips for heating it up — a boon for winged friends at a time they are spending valuable energy, and risking exposure to predators, in the search for ice-free water.

8 Acts of Kindness for Animals This Holiday SeasonHeather Fone/HSUS

7. Get While the Getting Is Good

Sure, it’s better to give than to receive. But you can do both: Ask your friends and family to donate to your myHumane fundraising page. You get the sense of accomplishment (and maybe some appreciative ear-licks) for having helped animals by barely lifting a finger.

8 Acts of Kindness for Animals This Holiday SeasonScott Dalton for the HSUS

8. Keep the Kitties Warm

Spread the warmth of your hearth to community cats by building or buying outdoor kitty shelters. If you want to do something really purr-fect, help get them spayed or neutered.

8 Acts of Kindness for Animals This SeasonMike McFarland/HSUS

Lead image source: Flickr