Dogs deserve to live in loving homes with people who take great care of them. They may need to be on a leash when going for a walk, but should otherwise be free to run, play, and just be dogs. Yet humans sometimes treat them terribly and confine them to imprisonment and isolation. Examples of such cruelty include Liam, who was kept on a chain and completely neglected; Judith, who was also neglected and abused and kept on a chain for ten years; and Cala, who was kept on a leash so short she choked herself whenever she just wanted to sit down.

A sweet dog who was never even named was saved from a similar life. She was chained to a wall for fifteen years. The video above shows her being rescued by Viktor Larkhill. He finds her matted with a huge, painful mass on her rear. Larkhill said the mass was so painful she cried when they touched it.

Larkhill and his team not only saved her and took her to a veterinary intensive care unit to get the care she needs, but they gave this sweet girl a name. Her name is Maria. We’re so happy Maria will no longer live her life stuck on a chain.

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